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Kosho is not about fighting, but making peace with your enemy.


Daniel: So, karate’s fighting. You train to fight.
Miyagi: That what you think?
Daniel: [pondering] No.
Miyagi: Then why train?
Daniel: [thinks] So I won't have to fight.
The Karate Kid (1984)

A lineage that comes out of the temples of Japan begining in 1235 AD; a martial art recognized by the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the World Karate Union Hall of Fame; True Self-defense with a complete system based off the ancient warrior monks of Japan; a true warrior-healer-mystical martial art: Kosho Hoho Yooga.




 OUR CURRENT PROGRAMS AND LOCATIONS: Ages 14 and older (younger children will be interviewed to determine maturity for an adult class).


KHY or Kosho Hoho Yooga (Old Pine Tree Method of Unity and Self-discipline) is a sohei or warrior monk based martial art based on the concepts of Natural Law. Utilizing tai chi forms as its basis and a Buddhist based philosophy this unique martial art visits the escaping, controlling and destructive arts. Students also explore philosophy, healing arts, energy-work, and shamanic spirituality as part of its program. Uniforms, sparring equipment, and weapons not included in tuition. 

KHY short

Location: Nia NH and Yoga, 76 Route 101A Amherst, NH 03031   (603) 562-7525 

When: Sunday 6-730pm

Tai Chi for Health

Within the designated session participants will learn the first and basic tai chi form “Mizu Dansu” or “Water Dance” of the KHY Tai Chi for Health system. Participants will learn a number of set chi kung exercises as well as be introduced to the concepts and philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine as it related to Chinese Yoga, Tai Chi, and dis-ease.  As sessions are repeated the depth of understanding and health benefits move from a basic level to intermediate to mastery.

 Tai Chi short 

Location: Nia NH and Yoga, 76 Route 101A, Amherst, NH 03031   (603) 562-7525

When: Tuesdays 6 to 7 pm

Location: Amherst Yoga, 10 Northern Blvd #15, Amherst, NH 03031   (603)-673-7661   

When: Sunday 4-5:15 pm


Tai Chi Research 



Kuroshinobi= "dark ninja" or "dark spy".

Ryu= a martial tradition

Shinobi-do= "way of the ninja"

Kuroshinobi-do Shinobi Ryu short

Kuroshinobi Ryu is a neo-ninjutsu martial arts style that is based off of the factual, historic ninja of Japan. Kuroshinobi Ryu bases its art off of the conceptual ninja of Japan. It is neither Iga nor Koga, but it is all ninjutsu. We use the older term of shinobi and shinobi-do; we translate –jutsu to mean, "-jutsu is a technique or a craft", and -do to mean "the way", such as the "way of the ninja or shinobi". We feel to use the term -do signifies our intent to learn more than mere techniques, but also to learn, experience, and practice the path of the ancient shinobi.

We consider our ryu to be neo-ninjutsu in nature since we have no true lineage to any particular family, region, or clan. Kuroshinobi Ryu takes the concepts, philosophies, and training of the ancients and brings that into the 21st century blending old and new, in turn being politically free of the prejudice currently in ninjutsu. 

Where: Hollis, NH (Location changes- please contact us for details).


 Shugendo Yoga

Shugendo Yoga is a healing and spiritual based yoga designed to enlighten and heal the body. Unlike the harder core stretching yoga commercially practiced it adapts postures (which is only 1/5 of the practice) to the ability of the person. Utilizing the knowledge of the energetic body it includes chi kung, mantra, asana, meditation and hands on healing into each session to produce a fresh, rejuvenated and balanced individual. Age 14 and older.


Shugendo Yoga is ideal for beginners to advanced yoga practitioners of every shape, age, and gender. Shugendo Yoga is the latest and most influential yoga style now being introduced to the Amherst, NH area, not only acknowledged by the World Yoga Hall of Fame but appearing in "Inner Tapestry" magazine, "Connections Scotland" magazine, and "Martial Arts International" magazine with feature articles.

Where: NIA NH and Yoga, Cobblestone Corner, 76 Route 101A, Amherst, NH, 03031.

When: Beginning, Tuesday March 15, 2011 and continuing every Tuesday thereafter. 7:15pm- 8:15pm  

Cost:  $15 per drop in or $10 per class payment of 4 consecutive classes ($40).

What to bring: Wear loose comfortable workout clothes, bring a yoga mat and mala (108, 54, or 27 bead suggested. Simple malas will be available for purchase before each class.), meditation cushion optional.




Shugendo Yoga Classes nia.pdf Shugendo Yoga Classes nia.pdf
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NIA NH and Yoga

Student BMAA Application Waiver

Release Waiver of Liability  nia.pdf Release Waiver of Liability nia.pdf
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Size : 214.367 Kb
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Articles on KHY 

shamanic warrior.pdf shamanic warrior.pdf
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 Flyers on upcoming programs and events


amherst yoga.pdf amherst yoga.pdf
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nia nh flyer.pdf nia nh flyer.pdf
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bmaa flyer nia nh and yoga.pdf bmaa flyer nia nh and yoga.pdf
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shinobi flyer.pdf shinobi flyer.pdf
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2011 New Year's Resolution. What the "Secret" forgot. 

NEW YEAR Resolution.pdf NEW YEAR Resolution.pdf
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 Herbal Certification

herbal flyer 2011.pdf herbal flyer 2011.pdf
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 Shamanic warrior training Rhode Island

15 jan shamanic.pdf 15 jan shamanic.pdf
Size : 414.638 Kb
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 Shamanic Warrior Training Maine

Shamanic Warrior Training.pdf Shamanic Warrior Training.pdf
Size : 276.714 Kb
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Shamanic Warrior Training Milford, NH

milford shaman march[1].pdf milford shaman march[1].pdf
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Shugendo Yoga teacher training

shugendo teacher 2011.pdf shugendo teacher 2011.pdf
Size : 190.919 Kb
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Shugendo Yoga Introduction Milford, NH

Apri milford shugendo[1].pdf Apri milford shugendo[1].pdf
Size : 146.914 Kb
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Intro to Shugendo Yoga Canada 

canada Shugendo Yoga.pdf canada Shugendo Yoga.pdf
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      Shugendo Yoga short

 Tantra training

White Tantra consists of.pdf White Tantra consists of.pdf
Size : 97.505 Kb
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       White Lotus Tantra short

WLT White Tantra CertificationRhode Island 

WLT feb2011.pdf WLT feb2011.pdf
Size : 313.719 Kb
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FREE Woman's Self Defense Class- Milford, NH 

wsd milford may[1].pdf wsd milford may[1].pdf
Size : 245.825 Kb
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Woman's Self Defensr Workshop Naples, Maine 

wsd naplesdoc.pdf wsd naplesdoc.pdf
Size : 248.772 Kb
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 Koshonic Training

KBSR.pdf KBSR.pdf
Size : 83.308 Kb
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Reiki Training

Kokoro Ryu Reiki.pdf Kokoro Ryu Reiki.pdf
Size : 204.769 Kb
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Martial Arts Seminar August Naples, Maine 

martial seminar flyer.pdf martial seminar flyer.pdf
Size : 321.781 Kb
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 Ninjutsu Training 

Kuroshinobi-do Shinobi Ryu short


Chris Bashaw (BMAA) is a recognized member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association.

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