Let me help you get your life on track!

Have you been searching for a life coach or counselor? Rev. Christopher Bashaw, RN, DD, an experienced certified professional, offers a range of comprehensive services. Through analysis and life coaching, each is designed to improve and enhance people's lives.

Life Coaching is a self-improvement process designed to help you enhance all aspects of your life.

“People who get what they want find the courage and drive to go after what they want.”

Do you often feel as though you are stuck in a rut and lacking direction but knowing deep down inside that you are capable of accomplishing bigger and better things? Are fear and uncertainty preventing you from getting all of the things that you really want out of life?

Are you seriously considering making some positive changes in your life, things that will enable you to move forward and bring you one step closer to achieving the happiness and success that you deserve?

If you are then teaming up with a Life Coach can provide you with the advantage that you need to get off the sidelines and into the game of life. This type of partnership is not only productive but it is fun and inspirational as well.

A Personal Life Coach can help you achieve success in many areas of your life by providing:

  • Self Discovery Coaching

  • Self Esteem Coaching

  • Personal Finance Coaching

  • Time Management Coaching

  • Career Development Coaching

  • Love and Relationship Coaching

  • Health and Fitness Coaching

Coaching will help you reach your goals by helping you set and achieve your goals.  Like a personal fitness trainer helps train the body, I go beyond the body and help you get your life in order so that YOU ARE UNSTOPABLE!


Call today to set up your initial consult today. 603-418-4382.

Initial consult: $135.00

Follow up consults: $65.00

Home visits: Additional $00.49 per mile to and from Home base.


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