Specialized Personal Protection and Security Services

Christopher Bashaw offers discrete, confidential, and professional training and protection services.

Violence is everywhere – on the street, in the park, and even in the classroom.  You need to know how to defend yourself and your
loved ones against it, in all its forms -- street violence, rape, bullying, and the like.

Self defense is more crucial today than it ever was before in our society. The simple confidence of being able to protect yourself and your loved ones is priceless.

Christopher Bashaw possess black belt ranking in many styles of martial arts, and has been acknowledged by several international martial arts halls of fame and has developed a simple, effective 4 hour self defense training for the average person. It’s easy to learn and remember. After a couple of hours of learning, you’ll be on the way to effectively defending yourself.

This course contains hands on training that any man, woman, or child can effectively use to respond to face-to-face terror. It’s ideal for corporate executives who travel, corporate security officers, and housewives.

How do I learn this simple system? Book private instruction at your home of office; classes can be conducted for a family or a whole corporation. Simply contact Christopher at 603-418-4382 or at

Christopher Bashaw also provides specialist protection security and individual training services to VIPs, Executives and Celebrities.

With the concern many people have about handguns, Christopher Bashaw specializes in providing protection without the use of handguns and caters to that clientele.

In today's world so many different people and their families are potential targets from unwanted and hostile activities (threats) that affect their personal safety, their reputation, their welfare, their business. Corporate VIPs and their family members are increasingly at risk for violence in today's society.

Every day situations, in relatively safe locations aren't necessarily totally risk free, whether the threat is planned or opportunist.

Incidents affecting your personal safety both directly or indirectly can and do occur every day.  

My job is to reduce those risks, both specific and non specific with planning and awareness; avoiding rather than dealing, but knowing what to do if things do go wrong…… however small, however complicated or intimidating.

  • Christopher Bashaw Here to Help

Why not discuss your security requirements with a professional security consultant; simply contact Christopher at 603-418-4382 or at

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